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Ever wonder what makes it possible for us to look around Mars, or see dwarf planets like Pluto up close and personal. It’s robots!!! These little machines are aware of what is going around them and are able to react to changes in their environment. However, you don’t have to look to the sky to find them. They are becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. You hear about them during natural disasters, where they boldly go into environments that are too dangerous for humans to explore, and soon enough, you may even see them on the road as robots drive our cars.

Join the Robotics Club and learn about electric motors, touch, light, ultrasonic sensors and much more.  Combine all of these together and create an autonomous machine that will complete a specific task or solve a problem. Gain knowledge of embedded computers and how to program them, so that your robot is aware of its environment and can appropriately react to it. Explore concepts in physics,
structural and mechanical engineering, while creating something new and having fun at the same time.

The Brassfield Robotics Club meets every Tuesday morning in the Media Center, starting at 8:00 a.m. Club members will be given instruction for the first part of the meeting and will be given a small challenge project for the second part. Students are expected to be on time and make an effort to attend all meetings (Parents: please take this into consideration before signing up for the club). Membership is limited and parents/guardians may be asked to volunteer at least once per quarter.

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