Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lost your pet... don't worry, we have a robot for that!

Here is an update on what has happened on the last couple of club meetings.  Last week we gave every team a small challenge to put in practice all of what they have learned so far.  We created a scenario where their favorite pet (a cat or a dog) go stranded in a place far away (24 inches away), and they had to create an attachment for their robot and program it to go get their pet for them.  Everyone did great!  I believe that at the end of the meeting on Tuesday, every team had successfully rescued their pet at one time or another (thanks to our parent volunteers, Scott and Ken, for spending one-on-one time helping the kids with the challenge). 

Next week, we’ll review every robot creation individually and make suggestions on how to improve their design.  We will treat their creations as product development prototypes and thus, cover topics on structural integrity, ways to improve consistency of results and cost analysis.  

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